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Testimonials from our Clients

A testimonial from one of the teachers we served. "The Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District has been a valuable tool that has helped me enhance classroom lessons and generate excitement with my students. Lessons and supplies are prepared for you and directly reinforce the Virginia Standards of Learning. They are all so willing to help and have always been a pleasure to work with."Dena Caracciolo, 3rd grade teacher Jennie Dean Elementary, City of Manassas School District.

Another testimonial from one of our clients who received assistance from our Conservation Specialist, are getting started on the right foot with the development of their horse farm property.

"We're very thankful for all the assistance PWSWCD has provided - as first time horse farm owner's we are really going to benefit from all the expertise and help. The conservation specialist has shared a wealth of information, including soil analysis, fertilization planning, pasture management, and more. She even brought an engineer out to the property to analyze water runoff and provide simple ways to manage erosion. It's all helping us to prioritize our improvements, and make good investments in the property. We can't wait to watch it all pay off! Best of all, PWSWCD is an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you!" Brad and Emily Gardner

Crawford PastureA testimonial from our client, Mr. Jim Crawford, regarding our assistance with his horse property. "Many thanks for all your excellent counsel. It has made a huge difference. The field looks great, and we now have grass in the woods -- also per your recommendation -- for the first time since we've lived here. I am extremely grateful for the help your conservation specialist gave me. I feel like she took the time to go over every inch of this farm. Her recommendations have vastly improved the productivity, utility -- and health -- of our acreage. People actually stop to admire the pasture!."

We would be happy to advise you how to make your pastures "traffic stoppers" too. Just give us a call!

We are here to assist large and small property owners. We offer free technical assistance specifically for your property to help you better manage your property. We can give you advice on water troughs, fencing, composting, fertilizer and seeding recommendations (commercial or organic), mud management, and other common land management issues, as well as tips to help save you time and money. Soil samples will be collected, at no charge, for specific recommendations for each pasture. We will help you select and establish the best grass or grass mixtures that meet your needs.

Ed Dandar Horse Owner Another testimonial regarding our effective technical assistance for Mr. Dandar, a horse property owner Ed Dandar first received assistance from the Prince William SWCD in August 2002 before he purchased his first horse. Our conservation specialist went to his property and gave him personal advice for his small-acreage agricultural property on pasture seeding, fertilizer and lime applications, pasture management, and rotation suggestions to ensure the time and money he invested in establishing his system was well-spent.

Just recently, Mr. Dandar wanted to clear some of his woods to make room for new pasture. Remembering the help provided to him in 2002, he contacted our Conservation Specialist who worked with Mr. Dandar in achieving his goals for his new pasture. "We are all very excited about how the new pasture got established," says Mr. Dandar. "Soils have improved in quality and fertility." Ed Dandar was awarded a Cooperator sign for demonstrating excellent management practices that give his horse a happy and healthy environment while protecting and preserving the natural resources on his property.

Blue Top Farm seminar Over the years the District has worked with hundreds of people like Mr. Crawford and Mr. Dandar. Every year or so, we host seminars to help teach and educate property owners and managers about common and local issues. We held a series of seminars on how to set-up a horse property, covering pasture and manure management, weed control, and the impacts horses have on the environment. The series culminated in a tour of Blue Top Farm in Nokesville, owned by long-time cooperator Robin Lancaster, to see how this knowledge can be applied.

Two attendees at our seminars, Josepha and David Phillips had just purchased a horse farm in Catharpin. After attending our seminars, they scheduled an appointment, with our conservation specialist for a visit to their farm for more one-on-one advice. "The information they provided has been a tremendous help," says Josepha. "After we bought our farm in Catharpin, they even came out to look over the property and gave us several recommendations on all of the issues and improvements we faced. As a dressage rider/instructor from the Netherlands, I am very familiar with horse care. However, the information on soils, do's and don'ts, vegetation has proven invaluable as we experienced the first winter on our farm. I would highly encourage anyone interested in owning a farm, or even those that already do, to take one of their seminars. I'm sure you'll be amazed like I was that one tidbit of information you never knew about could come in so handy and help where you least expect it."

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